Tools for Therapists

FAP Handouts

The following handouts and worksheets are intended to facilitate your use of FAP in clinical practice.  Most are used and further explained in FAP training workshops.  Please seek permission before using any of these worksheets for research purposes.  They are not meant for mass distribution.

The handouts below can be found in this article: Kohlenberg, R. J., Kanter, J. W., Bolling, M. Y., Parker, C. R., & Tsai, M. (2002). Enhancing Cognitive Therapy for Depression with Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Treatment guidelines and empirical findings. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 9(3), 213-229.

  • Beginning Therapy Questions
  • Mid-Therapy Questions
  • End of Therapy Questions for Clients to Consider

Assessment Tools

*The Functional Idiographic Assessment Template (FIAT; Callaghan, 2001) is a behaviorally-based assessment system that breaks client responding into classes of behavior based on function of responding.  Function is tied to interpersonal effectiveness and distress.  It is an idiographic template; therefore each assessment for each person is different.  It allows for usage of a common language for classes of behavior across clients.

*Please contact Dr. Callaghan before using these materials for research purposes!