When: Wednesdays, 1:00pm-3:00pm PST, from January 13th through March 24th 2021 (skipping February 17th) Where: Online, via Zoom How: Send questions and/or begin registration process by emailing: admin@theseattleclinic.com or via link   Instructors: Mary Loundon, PhD, Sarah Sullivan-Singh, PhD. Course Description: Join us for a 10-week immersion into the theory, practice, and experience of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP). FAP is an interpersonal and emotion-focused approach rooted in the functional analysis of moment-by-moment transactions occurring during the therapy hour. It can function as a stand-alone treatment, but it is also a flexible paradigm that therapists can integrate with many other modalities. Because it is less about content and more about process, practitioners often say: “It makes sense and sounds great, but what does it look and feel like to actually practice FAP? How do I know if I’m doing it right?” This training aims to address these questions by teaching you to: • Learn how to use the 5 rules (i.e., primary interventions) of FAP • Create FAP case conceptualizations for your clients and yourself • Identify strategies for changing problematic behaviors in both you and your clients • Perform functional analysis and contingent responding with each other during group meetings • Integrate the 5 rules with other therapeutic modalities This training group will offer you a combination of didactics balanced with experiential skill development. Ultimately, the work of FAP invites us to harness our voices, inhabit our shared human vulnerability, hone our clinical acumen, and harvest the mechanics of behaviorism – all in service of forging human connection with the power to heal. Emotional Commitment: Like many FAP training experiences, the content discussed in this group will be personal in nature. Some prior participants have described the experience as similar to group therapy. We will encourage you to reveal yourself, including your vulnerability, to the extent that it supports your learning and development as a FAP therapist and with an ongoing, thoughtful consideration of your needs and limits within the group setting. Each participant will be asked to independently determine the level of disclosure and style of participation in experiential work that is appropriate for them on any given day. Please contact us to discuss any related questions or concerns before you register. Registration Fee: ● Professionals: $950 for the 10-week course ● A limited number of sliding fee slots are available. Please contact us to inquire. ● Students: $500 ● Add $50 to your registration fee for processing of CE credits Continuing Education (CE): APA-approved CE certificates, reflecting the number of hours of live training attended (up to 20 hours for the full series), will be available for psychologists in the United States. For otherwise-credentialed mental health providers, please contact your licensing board to determine if APA credits will be accepted.